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    New York Post - Knicks guard Stephon Marbury has been mentioned in trade rumors this summer but he does not want to go anywhere.

    "I want to be a Knick, I want to die a Knick," Marbury told The Post in an exclusive Memorial-Day interview.

    "If I ever was to be cremated, I'd want my ashes sprinkled on top of the Garden."

    While there are rumors that Marbury will be traded, those rumors will likely die down if as expected Larry Brown does not return as head coach.

    Marbury also believes last year's team, which had a 23-59 record can be a playoff team and should not be broken up.

    "I hope that every player on this team comes back next season," Marbury said.

    "I honestly mean that. Every player. I think we have a great team. I think it will be so much different next year."

  2. I love that quote. I think he, or Crawford, or Francis should be traded, because they won't win many more games than last season if they are all there next season. One possible trade is either Francis or Marbury and Crawford going to Toronto in exchange for the #1 pick. The Raptors need guards, and New York needs a key player, like Morrison or Thomas.
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    I think that they will just need experience for Marbury, Crawford and Francis to play well together. Francis can be very good and score a lot of points some nights, Marbury is a good playmaker who can get to the basket and we all know Crawford is a clutch shooter and a good crossover. I would like to see them get better together and they could be very entertaining to watch.
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    I just think New York is too full of guards. Either one of them would make quality trade bait to bring in some more aggressive bigmen. Obviously their guardplay will not be questioned, look who they have on their squad. Downlow the Knicks have some holes that need to be filled. Marbury, Francis, Crawford, Robinson are all going to have to compete for minutes. Marbury and Francis particurarly are guys known for always wanting the ball and playing the big minutes.

    The Knicks have opportunities to do better next year but I doubt it will consist will all four of those guards.
  5. Babe_Ruth

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    I agree that they do have to many guards, they need to get rid of somebody, personally I don't see Stevie Franchise staying there for long, he'll probably demand for a trade pretty soon. But I love what Starbury said even though the team was one of the worst last year, he still believes this team can win. I respect him for saying those quotes.
  6. i have somuch more respect for starbury now i loved those quotes...yeah steave francis wont be in new york for that long he probley wanna be traded if they dont work well together at the begginin of next season ...i think they can turn it around tho with the determination ov starbury.............that would mean more dunks for nate robinson if he trades ey :D :D
  7. Midnight

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    If you say that, I dont think Marbury has been too determined in his career at all. Marbury's head will explode from all that determination needed to bring the Knicks to .500.

    The guard play is all well and good for the Knicks but they need a low post presence. Eddy Curry, the man I would look to do that hasnt performed up to par this season. Jerome James just makes me sick looking at him. He is one of the softest guys on the Knicks basketball squad, either that or he doesnt like to get in there and bang. David Lee of the limited minutes he gets looks like he wants to play and get better. Of the times Ive seen him play in Florida, when he plays aggressively and with full heart good things will happen. It would also spell a little bit of relief for the Knicks' frontline. He has a ways to go though.
  8. nar i wasent talkin about his career i tallkin about what he said ...he is more determined 2 turn it around for next season for ny...i belive he can do it 2
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    i like marbury lots. but they gotta get rid of larry brown. marbury needs to run things by himself and he needs help from crawford. and trade fransice of for a good pf.maybe al harrington. i thinnk hes a free agent. or maybe k-mart coz they need a sg to take shots. and knicks need a pf. sounds good to me.
  10. Babe_Ruth

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    Yeah, I think they'll get Harrigton he said he would like to play for New York, so I see him in a Knicks uniform next year, and he'll help the team a lot. Also I don't think Brown is the problem because he's one of the best coaches in the league today, and he can only help the players. Also don't count on Jerome James to get better, because he won't. Also Eddy Curry needs to get a jump shot, then he'll be a good center.

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