Marbury Wouldn’t Mind Teaming Up With Garnett Again


Aw, Here It Goes!
"Stephon Marbury said Wednesday he would embrace playing for the Timberwolves if he were traded to Minnesota, but he emphasized that he considers himself a New York Knick for life," writes Rick Alonzo of the PIONEER PRESS. "That's why he doesn't see any other possibility of playing with Wolves all-star Kevin Garnett again — unless Garnett relocates to play for Marbury's New York Knicks."


Sultan of Swat
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It's always a possibility. If the Timberwolves ain't doing to well this season Kevin Garnett will definitly ask to be traded. A team that can afford his enormous contract would be the New York Knicks. Also KG would be in a wonderful market in New York.


Marbury should be grateful if he got Garnett as a teammate, I do really hope that KG leave T-Wolves I mean look at the management and what he sacrificed and the management still cant come up with something convincing..