Marbury Supports Mitchell


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Globe And Mail -
Stephon Marbury believes that Sam Mitchell deserves a contract extension with the Raptors.

"I mean he basically has a team that's playing well," said Marbury. "They've gotten over that hump since Vince [Carter] left. They've solidified Chris [Bosh] as their star. And now it's time to grow and build. To take that away from him, you wonder what kind of direction the team is going in as far as for the future.

"Everyone has confidence in Sam; as far as his coaching ability, he's bringing to that team everything they need to win."


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To be honest I can't see many people going against Mitchell. He has brought this team back from the gutters to contenders and really he has given the team and the city a new found sense of confidence. He deserves to be given an extension and continue on with the legacy he is really starting up. The team is winning , The fans are happy and so why would he not be given one?