Marbury/LeBron "shoe wars"



did you guys hear about this? What do you think? Marbury, who has the 14.99 Starburys out at Steve and Barry stores, basically says that he "owns" and LeBron is "owned." What do you guys think of this?


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I think thte Starburys are a pretty cool idea. They don't look bad either. I saw it on a segment of 20/20 comparing Starburys to Air Force Ones, and they were basically the same thing except AFOs had leather and a cool box :/


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Personally I rather pay a little more for a pair of shoes because they last longer, and they're usually nicer, and that would be the same situation with Nike shoes, yes they're more expensive then the Starbury's but I can guarantee that the Nike shoes will last longer then the Starbury's. But don't get me wrong the Starbury's are a great product, and there's a lot of families that cannot afford those Nike's now they can buy a nice pair of shoes for a cheap price.

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Personally I think it's the best thing Marbury has ever done.
Too many kids can't afford the $120+ Nikes and some families are too broke to buy them yet want to provide for their children, so they spend money they don't have.
Yeah it's easy to say "don't do it" but you all know the pressure commercialism puts on society, especially teens with their desire to fit in.
Nikes may be better made, but only marginally so. For Teens, it's at least a new pair every year or 1/2 year. So how long do they need to last?


You guys didn't report the WHOLE story. LeBron made an ass of himself when asked about his friend Starbury's low-cost shoes for poor kids.

LeBron said he couldn't 'endorse' the idea because at Nike...they hold themselves to higher standards..

Give me a of the richest ballers....owned by the richest shoe company...has to go out and knock shoes for poor kids. Weak.

Now some cool 'lil kid who gets Starbury's for his b-day is going to get laughed at by some older kids who can afford LeBrons and Nikes.

That's just a mean thing to say man. Show some love LeBron and get some back. Show some hate....and get plenty back.

Bottom Line: Yah...Nike pays him a GRIP of cash. But they pay him to 'promote' their product. This is hardly a 'promotion' and it makes LeBron and Nike look bad.
LeBron needs to remember he's a baller.....not some old-white man in a suit.