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Nintendo 64 Maps... disapointed!


Registered Member
That's one thing that always bother me about this game.. the multiplayer maps. I don't know if the game was rushed to release or what, but what was with the weak, lack of detailed multiplayer maps? One of them had like 3 buildings, the other flying into a bunch of junk in space.. and another one I forget.. it must have sucked even more.

I can tell you one thing, I could have made some amazingly awesome maps that would have improved multiplayer x10. If you gave me one week and the skills to program them, of course.
Yeah, I do think they could've made some better maps. The multiplayer does feel a bit tacked on, but that isn't to say it's not fun. By the way, the levels are:

Corneria - flying close to the ground, a few buildings.
Katina - giant pyramid base, lots of enemies.
Sector Z - junk in space.

I think there should've been a space level with asteroids floating everywhere, so you never knew when an opponent would suddenly fly into view. Or a better city-like level, instead of the open Corneria one.


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Yeah, a better city map with way more buildings, lakes, bridges, hills etc.. there's so much they could have done, and the N64 was definately powerful enough to do 10x more.

Another space map would be cool too, where you could walk around some planet.