Man's nose bitten off in Burger King drive-thru


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CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. -- A 38-year old man is behind bars after allegedly biting off another man's nose in a fight in a Burger King drive-through.

According to the police report, 38-year-old Gary Eastwood was behind Tommy Easterling at the Burger King on Folly Road in Charleston County on Tuesday.

The fight started after Eastwood rammed his truck into Easterling's car.

Deputies say when they arrived at the resturant, they found 32-year-old Easterling with an extremely bloody face, and Eastwood with blood around his mouth.

Deputies called for emergency medical assistance when they realized Easterling's nose was missing

Witnesses said that they saw Eastwood bite Easterling's face and then raise up and spit out flesh.

Emergency medical workers were able to locate the missing piece of Easterling's nose. It was transported with him to the hospital. There was no immediate word if it could be reattached.

Deputies Eastwood, told them he intentionally bit off Easterling's nose because he was "at war."

Easterling reportedly described the taste of blood and appeared to be bragging about what he had done.

He is charged with assault of a high and aggravated nature.

We all know this was you "The Burger King". But really, the things people do.:shake:
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That's crazy. Hopefully that guy goes to jail for a long time. Maybe somebody can bite his nose off while he's there.

He sounds psychotic.
Deputies Eastwood, told them he intentionally bit off Easterling's nose because he was "at war."

That's some crazy stuff. I would hate to get in a fight with a biter. I would much rather get in a fight with somebody punching than somebody who'll bite me.

Ouch, I hope the guy recovers nicely. >.<;


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What's ashame is that they didn't give you a picture of the man who did it lol

You could still get it by going to the Chas govt site and doing a search in the jail system though. He looked insane when they did that story on the local news.


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You know, as cold as it sounds, people like this just don't serve a purpose as living creatures.


He's better off as mulch.


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I'm wondering how he managed to actually bite off the man's ear.

"at war". I wonder if he's one of those buffs who enthusiastically reenacts the Civil War every year.

I say we give Easterling Eastwood's nose if they can't reattach it.