Man's broken window over Illegal Alien Sign

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Babe_Ruth, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Babe_Ruth

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    A local man is angry after someone threw a brick through the window of his business; but a controversial sign he posted may have provoked it.

    The sign reads: "Deport Aliens Now"

    The brick that crashed through the window had "Freedom 4 All" painted on one side.

    It happened overnight at the Diller-Lloyd Insurance Company on East Eight Avenue In West Homestead.

    The owner, Dan Lloyd says he has not done anything wrong and believes illegal aliens should be deported.

    "I think if people are here illegally, they ought to be deported," he said.

    Lloyd says he's not intimidated by the broken window.

    "Take your best shot, but I'm not going to take my sign down because I have my right to free speech," Lloyd said. "i'm an American and I'm going to continue to exercise my right."

    Do you believe the man had the right to throw the brick just because he put that sign up?

    Certainly seems a little extreme, everyone is entitled to their personal opinions. Incidents like this where groups or individuals, in this instance on the subject of illegal immigration, act violently does nothing but to discredit their argument.

  2. IntheNet

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    The sign he posted, "Deport Aliens Now," is a common and widespread feeling among Americans who have lost patience with the illegal aliens who abuse our laws and, in increasing numbers, add to our burden nationwide. Such sentiment is being felt across the country, even to the halls of Congress. It is little enough to ask immigrants to follow our laws; no doubt an illegal alien threw the brick since they're lawbreakers anyway! The person who launched the brick demonstrates why such deportation is a necessity. The owner, Dan Lloyd, should mail the brick to Congress, to explain why we need a southern border and no more illegal aliens.
  3. Malificus

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    I don't think throwing the brick was the correct course of action, but for a different reason than InTheNet. Breaking the man's window was vandalsim, and destroction of another man's property. The crime was unprovoked. and sign does not warrant violence, even if it is offensive. There are better waysd to deal with that. That being said, I know plenty of people who couldn;t habdle the consequenses of getting rid of illegal immigrants. Produce bills would undoubtedly double (If not do more) to pay the new American workers is just one likely possibility. Sure, a few more americans would have jobs, but to pay them enough for them to work, the cost of produce would have to rise. But this isn;t a discussion on Illegal immigrants, it's about a mans property being Vandalized because of a sign. That shouldn't happen.
  4. SenatorB

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    Not at all. The man had the legal right to post the sign, and the act of vandalism was illegal. However, in posting a sign that is obviously going to provoke negative responses, he must have known that the possibility of vandalism (or other actions based on that negativity) existed and was fairly likely. The sign exhibited a sentiment that is felt by many people throughout the country, but the opposite sentiment is also felt by many people nationwide, and he knew that when he posted it.

    ... come now, that's a bit ignorant... I'd think that most illegal immigrants don't break laws (besides of course immigrating here illegally). They're no more moral or immoral than anyone else (for the most part they're just trying to get a better life for themselves, not very immoral), not to mention that they stand a much greater risk if they're caught.
  5. IntheNet

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    Bit of clarification: By ignoring our existing immigration laws, illegal aliens are already guilty of a misdemeanor; intentionally breaking a window/private property would also be a misdemeanor. So, A => B is not much of a stretch... Additionally, I doubt that a legal resident would object to such a sign.
  6. SenatorB

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    There's a huge difference between coming to America to try to live a better life and committing a malicious act of vandalism. I think there's a considerable stretch. Additionally, according to most polls, around 30% of America is in favor of easier immigration laws, so any of those 90 million people would probably object to such a sign. The fact that he put up a sign at all shows that he knew there were people who would disagree with it... after all, if it was only likeminded people who would see it, there would be no point in putting it up.
  7. Midnight

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    The sign is a common belief shared by the majority of America. People are by right free to express their personal opinion. Heaving a brick through a window is not the correct answer. It is destruction and is against the law. Another law that is being broken, which Senator already highlighted on is immigration and illegal entry. That isnt the way to get any laws changed, it is a way to bring attention to yourself by the police.
  8. Italiano

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    The man may have displayed his beliefs in the wrong manner, but that's no excuse to vandalize private property. If it was an illegal immigrant, IF, it just gives other illegal immigrants more of a bad rep.

    And as for deportation, I don't see it as a necessity as long as immigrants attempt to become a legal U.S. citizen. But it's not like immigrants have become an extreme problem that must be dealt with at immediately.

    But it must be handled none the less.
  9. LostForever

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    He shouldnt have thrown the brick, he was being a jack. wow, it's so wack that story! :D :D
  10. Blur

    Blur iPimp have no idea who threw that brick there inthenet. it could very well have been an american who is opposed to the sign. and it could have been an immigrant that was legal, too.

    he shouldnt have thrown the brick tho.

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