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Man's best friend


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A few days ago, I was at work and my brother calls me and told me that he took my dog to the vet. He said that my dog was throwing up and doing number 2 all over the house. He said that the vet gave my dog some shots and an IV. So then came the question. How much was the bill? I thought it was going to be in the hundreds but surprisingly, it was on $68. My dog is doing alright and I am a little concerned that he hasn't done a number 2 after going to the vet which was a few days ago.


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How old is your dog?

A few months ago we had to take our 12 year old yellow lab to the vet for pretty much the same reason, and they found a tumor in his intestines. We had to get him put down a couple weeks later. Hopefully your dog will be alright.
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