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Manning attempted suicide


Registered Member
And she may get 9 more years added with indefinite solitary confinement.
Chelsea Manning Faces Charges After Suicide Attempt

I have a few questions about this.

1. How does somebody trying to off their self NOT prove that they have serious mental issues that need to be addressed?
2. How is 9 more years in prison and indefinite solitary confinement a cure for serious depression?
3. How is an expired tube of toothpaste a serious threat to anyone?
4. Why is health care being denied.

I thought rehabilitation was one of the functions of the US prison system... until I read this article. Now I'm thinking it's only a system for punishment and torture. An execution would be more humane.
What am I missing?


Free Spirit
Staff member
The military is more hard line on following procedure than regular prisons. Still she needs psychiatric help not solitary confinement before she is successful with offing herself.


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Yeah, the military needs to be hardcore but not with someone that has serious mental issues. Even prisoners shouldn't be put or left in harm's way.