Mankind's greatest feats...


Ess Tii Eph Yu
So I saw the thread that Chaos made and I got really excited. I mean who doesn't like Mankind, right? He's one of my all time favorite wrestlers of all time. So what do you think is Foley's greatest feat?


Sultan of Swat
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I'd say winning the WWE title, I remember that night he won the title. Eric Bischoff went on Nitro and laughed about how Mankind is the new WWF champion. That was a huge mistake because everyone tuned in to watch him win the title.

That episode was the highest rated(or one of the highest) episode of the history Raw. Then WWF slowly killed WCW.
Getting thrown from top of the cage and smashing through the table. Also winning the WWE title was pretty big news. Generally just being a super entertaining guy, that's why he was awesome.

But yeah, when I saw that other thread, I got ready to talk Foley and then was sadly disappointed. Haha.


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Definitely the Hell in a cell match with Taker, and of course his first title win against the rock.

Man the crowd was really pumped into the match, especially when Austin entered the match to of the loudest pops in wrestling history.