Manipulating The Watch Counter?

Discussion in 'Money & Investing' started by lilys_things, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. lilys_things

    lilys_things Registered Member

    My question is...
    How can someone be on the Pulse with only 67 Hits to their page? And they say in BOLD words.. that that have 400 Watchers?
    How can this be?
    This person made it to the Main Pulse in less than 9 hours after listing thier one auction. And now their 2nd auction is on the Everything Pulse with 67 Hits and says "400" watchers? How can this be? Any ideas?

    I do not this this is fair. Everyone of us have worked very hard on our eBay listings. Read all the rules. Try to abide by their tricky rules. Work hard at getting people to watch our auctions. The honest way. Some of us pay to advertise. Some of us spend days working to get our auctions watched. Some of us spends weeks planing an auction. We have alot of time and money in our auctions. We don't just "throw it up there" and expect someone to watch it. Most all of you are Pulse material. This persons two auctions are not. No creativity at all. Dull auctions. I am sorry but this person should not be allowed to manipulate the Watch count like this. This is an example of what people are using to get on the Pulse. Proof. I think I saw a post by Trina? She hit the nail on the head. I talked to ebay about this on the phone. They said eBay could not be hacked. *hmm* Is this fair? Is this fair to the rest of you? I just want to say that being on the Pulse for me , my very first time was nice. I know how you all feel now. But the H*LL you have to go thru. I don't ever want to go there again at all. I have nevr in my 7 years on ebay, ever been turned in for a auction. But as soon as we hit the pulse every one of my lil nothing auctions have been turned in. I just want to sell my items. I don't care about the Pulse. Like I said, it is not fair to the rest of you that like getting up there. You all work hard and this person using something to get there. Easy something.. it's not fair..
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  2. AngelsPeak

    AngelsPeak Wanna play?

    Teresa, Trina and I have both talked about this. Yes, there is a way to manipulate the system, if I figured it out, then eBay has to know about it! It makes me sick that this is allowed to go on and on. I said in my post that I would never use this info, and I mean it. I put a lot of work into my auctions and want to see them go well on their own merit, not by cheating my way to the top. Getting to the pulse has become such a thrill for people that I don't think they care how much it sells for as long as they get a moment in the spotlight.
    Even after saying in my post that I will not give this info out, I was still contacted and asked to share. Let me just stress this again (and Trina feels the same, so DON'T ask her) I will not use this sneaky, underhanded method on my own auctions; and I certainly WILL NOT help others to do it, so please don't ask!
    I have a fantastic auction that is ready to be listed, but I am so turned off by eBay right now, that I just don't have the heart to do it. When you know others are out there cheating, it kinda takes the thrill out of the whole thing!

    Good luck with your auctions Teresa!
  3. lilys_things

    lilys_things Registered Member

    I am not asking to know "how" I don't care. I abide by all rules. But what you can do, is send it into eBay and let them know. So they can clean out the dirty rats doing this. So ,that all of you can have *equal fair chance with the presentations of each and every auction. I know how hard it was. It's not easy. When people say they went away for the weekend and they came back and WOW they are on the pulse? *SMH*

    And I noticed two auctions this morning.. Telling stories, both had major search keywords in them. Some of those most searched keywords formatted in their storyline. It's not fair.
    I did ask ebay about Brians auction. I had asked that very same question to ebay a month ago.
    I asked this question "can you mention other eBay sellers in your auctions?"
    They said no. I asked well, can you mention other ebay sellers indirectly? They said no. I asked about the .coms.. You can not place a .com in the listing or in the Q's & A's..
    Then I asked about the item numbers? I asked if a person sends me a Item number to look at, can I post that in my auctions? They said YES! (this was Live Chat)
    But my friend got pulled for this? I asked eBay about it on the phone. They said it could be done. I was also told this Live Chat person did not know what they were talking about. It's summer time. They have new employees I guess that don't know what a link is and a item number.

    They also told me, as most of you already know, eBay does not go looking for auctions to pull. Someone has to turn you in. There is a ebay hater gang of them out there, that has an auction they want on the pulse. So , that "gang" goes and turns a persons auction in over and over again. They will pick your auction clean. Find any lil mistake on it. You think your abiding by rules? But they can find a way to get you pulled.
    Don't blame eBay for this. It is those eBay haters.
    *Sticking to my lil no nothing auctions*
  4. AngelsPeak

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    Teresa, I wasn't referring to you at all, it just made me kind of mad that people asked, even though I said not to. I hope no offense was taken, because this was written in a "general way" not aimed at anyone in particular! :D
  5. lilys_things

    lilys_things Registered Member

    I know! I was just letting everyone know that I would never ask anything like that.I am wayyy too honest.
    I want to make a correction tho.
    I found this auction last night. It only had 47 hits to the page and they already said they had 400 Watchers.
    On thier other auction. All the top bidders just signed up yesterday. All 0 Feedback. The bid is way up there..and a new GP name with Zeros instead of o's bidding on it. We all know it is not them.
    all I can say is, this is pathetic.. :(
  6. fairyquadmother

    fairyquadmother Registered Member

    Yeah, I figured it out. It doesn't take a major rocket scientist to figure it out, and basically until ebay does some major revamping, there'll be nothing THEY can do about it either. At this point, they'll just have to start perm banning those ppl that manipulate the system, and I'm fairly sure they'll be able to see where those watchers are coming from and what type of watchers they are.

    If I wanted to put some effort into it, I could be all 10 of the pulse, but I'm lazy and just want to sell some purses and some vouchers.

    At least other ppl were clever enough to figure it out *huge shrug*
  7. AngelsPeak

    AngelsPeak Wanna play?

    Obviously!! Unfortunately, there's more than one way to go about it, and I'm sure many more to be discovered!
  8. fairyquadmother

    fairyquadmother Registered Member

    something else I forgot...

    Ya'll need to keep something in mind. about 3% of ebay even know what the Pulse *is*. I think at the end of the day, it really doesn't matter a whole lot. The only ppl that really care about the pulse, are the ppl trying to get on it! LOL. I pop on there once a week to see whats there and it's mostly just crap anymore. Personally, I'm getting kinda tired of seeing wacko weird auctions that either don't bring any $$ and/or have non-paying bidders.

    If you wanna see something interesting, just follow what GP is buying, that's the only real decent bidder out there.

    When I helped out with the diaper pin, we didn't even know what the pulse was until 1/2 way through the auction, and then someone told us about it then. Yeah, it was exciting being at the top for a week, but according to "some people" (who write reports) we most likely cheated. LOL. (low feedback, newbie, shot to the top too fast). That couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, we had a great story, (that was true) and it was for a "great cause" (also true.. and btw, my friend did as he said he would). It's he great story and the reason behind it, that caused it to be forwarded to thousands of ppl and we STILL get hits on that auction. It's up to over 50,000 hits now.

    There are 2 or 3 ways to do it. All too much time/labor in my opinion. I have ADD on this sorta stuff. Too much work for little payout.... or a NPB.
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  9. wolvergambit

    wolvergambit Registered Member

    It used to be fun to watch the Pulse to see what kind of High Profile auctions were featured there, but now it has turned into a circus.
    Most of the items showing up there, shouldn't or couldn't be there unless they were cheating.
    THere is no thought or creativity in the auctions at all.
  10. TGirl

    TGirl Registered Member

    Hahahah know what is so dumb about this is that they didn't wait to get more hits to do it...I laugh at them because 67 hit and 400 they think we are stupid??? hahahahah

    I would never use a software or try to minipulate the system...I would not be able to live with myself knowing I cheated the one thing that I love doing for a hobby.....I mean really how fun could ebay be if I was to be on the pulse all the time?? it would feel like beating a video game and now what do I do with my time?

    Uggggggggggg this whole thing has been turned into ebay....and hopefully they can fix there makes me sad that I am stuck at 102 watchers for 29 hours and people are flying to the pulse. uggg Why should I even care!

    Just so you all know..I did not turn in people to ebay...I just turned in the idea in hopes that they can fix it!
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