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Wii Manhunt 2


New Member
This game sounds pretty nice. I never even played the first one. But I just got done reading a paragraph about it and I can't wait to get it.


New Member
I dunno. I did not appreciate the first one. The game seemed just like an excuse to make an extremely graphic game without an real decent game play. The first one was full of redundant game play and was totally devoid of any driving interest to keep playing.

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The first one was very repetitive but overallit's just a good rental for me. The second one is suppose to be much better and they have set the date of 8/1/07 for the release on the Wii but I highly doubt it will come out that early.


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You do know Rockstar suspended this game, right?

It's all because of World's Number One Asshole "Jack Thompson"

That's the attorney who wants to ban all violent video games. He even said this about the PS2 controller "gives you a pleasurable buzz back into your hands with each kill" LOL This guy isn't from Generation Wi-Fi obviosly.

But anyway, thanks to him this game is probably never going to come out. And how the hell would it even be possible on a Wii system? This game received an AO rating and Nintendo already made it public years back that an AO rated game would never appear on any of their consoles.

So unless Rockstar goes back to the drawing board and remove a couple, a lot of grusome gameplay to scale it back to a Mature rating, then we might see it on the Wii. I so want to renact stabbing someone while holding the Wii remote like its a knife! Hah!
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