Manhole + Texting = BAD


Lion Rampant
She's lucky that she didn't smash her nose or mouth on the rim. My sister hit her front teeth on the concrete edge of a pool once and it was not a serene scene. I wonder where the "deep cuts" that were mentioned came from, though.

I hate to say it, but I wish this would have been caught on video. I wonder what the text looked like, too. A guess:

lol ur so kewl billy ily an i waaaaaaaaaaaaa


Endangered Species
Its right that the city authority should be reprimanded, however I get the impression that the lawyers are on the sidelines ready to cash-in and the family are a little to eager to file a lawsuit. My guess is the cuts, bruises and shock will soon develop into spinal injury and traumatic psychological conditions. Less interest in improving safety and more interest in money from misfortune.