Manga vs. Comics

Which doi you think is better? Are they equal in different ways?

I say that both are equal, I have heard arguements that American comics are all shallow superheroes and funnies, but this is definately wrong. I know american comics that have no magic or fantasy. Theyt are simply about high schoolers. And many of the Superhero comics are mopre than men in tights fighting crime. They have deep stories that are integral parts of the plot. Of coursem I've seen bad comics come from both categories as well as good ones.


A Darker Knight
I think they both have qualities that are unique to them only.

Comics are, I think referred to SUperman and stuff, but when I think of comics, I think of Calvin and Hobbes, Garfield, etc. although I'm not that into cumics, I do enjoy them.

Manga...well....manga's cool too. :D


i think they are both equal. i dont read any of them. they both look the same to me XD


I think they're both the same, you can have shallow manga along with an extremely deep and dark comic. manga is just Japanese hey. Whichever is cool.

Anonym0uz Bitch

I've read more comics, mostly Alien Vs Predator, Batman vs Predator, and a few Star Wars here and there, compared to the one manga I have read, I havent read any comic or manga in quite sometime though. They dont interest me as much anymore for some reason.