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Manga VS Anime



I like manga cause sometimes its longer than the anime and usually does a little bit better of a job at ending a story. Other than that I like manga because its alot more portable and take anywhere than anime is for me right now. Lately I have had a hard time marathoning anime, not sure why though. Anime is good but for the most part I do think manga is better.


My preference? Eh, I could go either way on anime or manga.

Destined Sayuri

Many times.. I find that I prefer manga to anime only if i've read the manga first. The same goes for anime. Once I read the manga I basically can picture the characters voices, there attitudes, and how a certain scene would look when made into an anime... Then I actually watch the anime and find it to be totally different.... but there are exceptions.... Chobits, Naruto and a few others like Peacemaker Kurogane. I've read the manga for them first but I really like the anime better or just as much. But then agian, it's the same way for me with books being made into a movie or a tv series.... so... basically... I go either way also ^_^