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Manga of the Week: Recca of the Flame



This will be kept weekly, as will probably anime of the day/week, so as not to run out of manga/anime too fast.
I'll start with one of my personal favorites, Death Note.

Yagami Light , your average super genius asian straight A student, finds a notebook outside of school that has the ability to kill people written in it. Why was the note left there? Because Ryuk, the shinigami owner, got borde. Light decides to make a new world order using this book by taking out almost all criminal activity that is possible. Unfortunately for him, a detective so great that he has never shown his face known only as "L" instantly begins pursuit of Light. The public call the mysterious killer "Kira" and it instantly becomes a debate about weather he is a good guy or not. L and "Kira" constantly match wits in an amazing storyline in which many people get involved. Light also has amazing connections into police knowledge, such as his father being a chief of police and the leader of the Kira investigation. Intresting things happen, such as the American FBI getting involved, Other Shinigamis making their appearances, and new options and rules contently coming from the death note that may be applied. 

Any further would be spoiling, but wikipedia it or look it up on google if you want more. The first three or four volumes are available in America. And when i say shinigami, they are NOTHING like the ones in Bleach. More like this. The human is light, the blue guy, Ryuk.

Feel completely free to comment on any of this, and make suggestions for manga of the week in the "New in Japan" Section. I want to hear what you guys have to say. And to be clear, feel free to comment on already posted subjects of manga of the week in here.


Come on guys! Post your comments, thoughts, and suggustions for future manga of the week! Otherwise I'll keep suggusting these mangas you might not know and you'll have to go get them!

Anyways, todays Manga, which i just today found out was also an anime, is Flame of Recca. It starts out fairly playful with this boy, who wants to be a ninja. He's actually from the hokage clan, the best in all of history and was sent into the future by his mother. His blood is actually that of the leader of the clan, but so is someone else who was sent into the future with him. Unfortunately, that guy wants to kill Recca, but Recca has the same special ability as him, and that is controling flames. But the two flames are different. Recca controls the Legendary Eight Dragons, each having it;'s own special ability. He must defeat these dragons, oir the dragons must decide to follow him on their own, in order for them to follow him. Many secrets are revealed about these, but you should read to find those out instead.

It does have some of the typical things, Such as a tournoment underground of all the fighters, and the best get whatever they wish that money could buy. Also, eventually it comes to world domination by an almost invincable combination through a demon of a man of war and a man of greed. And of course, one of our favorite anime genres thanks to Naruto, Ninjas! Cept this came out around 1997, so it can't be called poser. There are also mystical items that let normal people access powers, such as controling the wind, special swords that absorb water, or turning full bodies into iron. It;s pretty original and cool.



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I haven't heard of Recca of the Flame; I'll go check it out tommorrow though. Sounds pretty decent.

One I actually reccomend would be Gravitation. Its true that they made an anime out of it, but I still think that the Manga is a lot better than the anime itself. It has a lot more depth in my mind. Thats just my opinion. Although Yaoi critics beware; it is guy on guy love.


sigh... sadly to say, I'm ending this. And yes, i am a guy. And yes, i do know what gravitation is. Girls at school watch it.

Anyways, these were just unpopular and not good enough response, and i lost my mod obviously out of distaste in changes, as the changes are what had originally convinced me to join earlier. Who cares? I was no addition to this place.


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I was very interested in the Flame of Recca anime, but I would probably watch the anime before reading the manga. I haven't watched the anime yet but it has a cool and interesting storyline.