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OK I have been reading the manga online from japan that has been translated and all I can say is wow!! I right now am pretty much could up I am on chapter 269 and I am loving the new older Naruto Characters. I like naruto's new clothes and his new strength and the fact that Sakura is as strong as Tsunade is awesome I am so pumped about whats going on and I watched Kakashi's whole getting the Sharingan series and that was awesome too because we got to see hwta he used to be like and I just love the manga


erm... not to ruin the mood, but shouldn;t this be in the manga section?

and also, yeah. I'm up to date on the manga. It's naruto VS orichimaru. Vrery awesome.


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You see but this mainly pertains ONLY to Naruto and I was debating about putting it in here but I said to myself "Self worse comes to worse if its not supposed to be here then it will be moved but it is a naruto themed topic so I will put it here" Oh ya and by the way I now am almost completely up to date I am waiting for the translations of the manga for the chapters after 291


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I downloaded them off a website lol I am actually in the process of downloading 1-299 I already have 200 and up and 1-40 but I want all of them


Lol this is kinda illegal but i do it anyway. Yeah it's really awsome how much Naruto's changed and how much everybody's changed.


i am 302 also, the naruto vs orochimaru is cool but it brings up clues about sasuke, although naruto was strong orochimaru didnt seem that impressed so i wonder what sasuke has got?


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I am keeping caught up and now Naruto is starting his training with Kakashi using the shadow clone jutsu and we just found out that Naruto's elemental alignment is wind. Also (if you didnt know it) Kakashi is lightning and Sasuke is Fire and Lightning


sasuke got trained in that element manipulation thing too, now he's got a new special attack too

im up to ch359, the latest there is, yay, sasuke vs akatsuki