Manga/Anime Poisoning?



Is manga or anime really poisoning? What is so bad about manga or anime? They are just stories told with japanese art. Is the story bad or the art? I want to know what do you think.


Well, I know two people who told me that manga was poisoning the mind... but i really don't know why. One of those people said that it was the plot that was very unoriginal- action stories revolve around the only hero thingy? i don't know about why the other one said so. Maybe because of obsession?
I dont think it poisons the mind more than any other comic book...

I think you would be better off asking them to explain themselves more than asking us... I don't think its a very widely held view that anime poisons the mind...


anime/manga poisoning the mind? never -- now the real question would be what has poisoned their mind to suggest that anime/manga is mind poisoning.


and just to get it straight not all anime/manga revolves around the hero thingy


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Well, I've seen people with extreme cases of anime addiction . . . and it's damn frightening. They usually don't think they are either, but whatever. I don't see it as poisoning as any other media medium such as american cartoons or movies, I just think it's amazing how much freakin' anime apparel they sell in Hot Topic . . . and that people buy it.