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Mandatory Tipping?


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When an establishment puts that automatic tip on there, you have to be careful sometimes. There was a group of people that got terrible service and refused to pay the automatic gratuity, and they were arrested for theft of services. They were exhonerated and never paid the tip, however people can get pretty stupid over tips.


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Usually between $2-$3 per hour (minimun wage is $7.25/hr.)

Sometimes the recipt will have the percetages on there (15%=x, 20%=y, 25%=z)
Oh my god. In Canada a server makes minimum wage at least (which in my province is being raised to $10/hr by 2012) and tips of 15-25% are still expected. And our dollar is more valuable than the American at the moment :S That makes no sense.

I am in shock at how little the lower end of the salary spectrum is for servers down there :S


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No actually not correct. It is not always a persons choice to work in a certain field. No offense, but that's a very naive thing to say. I have a newborn so I work where I can with my lack of a college degree. I bust my ass off with a job I hate, not because I choose to, but because I have to, to ensure that my son is taken care of.

It's very arrogant to say that we all choose where we work. Because so many people choose to work at a Ihop or Denny's. I mean I can totally see people lining up in groves to work for disrespectful and drunk people, who don't give a shit about you, and think that giving...
This is the only statement that I would have to disagree with te first paragraph, despite not have a college degree, either you or I at this point, I myself got out of the food service industry after a year and a half. I saved my money to take CNA courses and after all that time I got a position in my first nursing home in Texas. Now, I'm making 10.50 hourly doing something besides food service. So in a sense, yes we do choose where to work depending on what we want.

But like everyone has stated, tip for excellent service, don't tip for lack there of, simple as that.



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I hate tipping people that do not deserve it. I do tip even if not customary, when I get a good quality service,