Manchester United Crowned World Champions!

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    Wayne Rooney clinched victory for Manchester United in the Club World Cup final with a late goal against Liga de Quito after Nemanja Vidic was sent off.

    Quito goalkeeper Jose Cevallos made a series of superb stops to deny Rooney, Carlos Tevez and Park Ji Sung in the first half as United dominated.

    United's hopes were hit when Vidic saw red after 49 minutes for lashing out with an elbow at Claudio Bieler.
    But Rooney won it with a neat finish into the bottom corner on 73 minutes.

    There has been plenty of debate over the significance of this competition and the consequences that United's trip to the Far East will have on their domestic hopes and Champions League ambitions this season.

    The immediate after-effects of their sojourn to Japan will be seen when they return to the Premier League, and the less glamorous surroundings of Stoke City's Britannia Stadium on Boxing Day.

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    I really don't know why they bother taking part in this competition. I'm sure most of the fans would rather them stay at home and focus on their already busy domestic schedule. All they do by taking part in this competition is setting themselves up for potential humiliation on the off-chance that they lose.
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    I disagree.

    This is one competition that Ferguson has never won as a manager, so I think it was important to fly over and get the job done.

    In theory they shouldn't lose too much ground in the Premier League. Liverpool and Chelsea have tough away trips so it could work our nicely for United.

    They fly home tomorrow morning and they have already been living by GMT, which is the time zone for the UK so they shouldn't be too jet lagged and should infact arrive home fresh and ready for their game against Stoke on Boxing day.

    More importantly it means they can call themselves the best team in the world!
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    To me this compeition is a big deal, the best team in the UEFA should beat the best team from any other federation.
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    Erh, I expected us to walk away in style, 4-0 at least. Ahh, stupid Vidic should relax a bit, that's what? Like his 4th card of the season.
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