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managed dedicated hosting


New Member
So does everyone manage their own servers or do you guys have managed dedicated hosting?


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Staff member
I went with Rackspace for the longest time. They are by far the best when it comes to manged servers that I have dealt with, however I ended up learning the basic in's and out's over time and found myself taking advantage of their customer service less and less. Suddenly the $500 a month didn't sound as good... (It was always higher than I needed), but currently I manage my own servers.


New Member
Yes, same here....

I used to use managed as well, but now with all that I learned, including the ssh that I recently studied and learned,

I am now good to go.

And like Andrew said, once you can do it yourself, that nasty extra 200 bux or more a month feel good any more.

I would rather have the extra money to buy more domains.....mmmmmm...domains


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I ended up getting a vps untill my oc192 line gets here to my store.. its about 80.00 a month. Any one need hosting?


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No i have a cell phone/surveillance store also. If any one needs some cell accessories just give me a call.. 1-800-699-CELL


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Ah, the memories. The very first gig I did online in my current business was to put together an article on hosting for someone. At the time, I knew basically nothing about it, but I sure found out quick. The article wound up in a magazine even, but without my name on it :) which was fine with me.

Anyway, this guy had a business where you could enter a bunch of info into his database and it would spit out three hosting companies/packages that would work best for your needs. It was totally legit (not just the same old 5 companies always coming up) and non-biased and he wound up selling the business for a ton of bucks to a prominent company (which I can't name). Funny thing was, he always said he'd never use a hosting company himself after his first disasterous few months online. Kind of ironic, but that's business!

I was with Bluehost for awhile (don't really know why I picked them) but then I decided not to have a site for awhile, just a blog, so don't need hosting anymore. I think though, based on what I know and what you guys have all said, that if I venture online again, I'll get my own server. It doesn't sound like rocket science to manage your own stuff and sure would save headaches all around.


New Member
I was a service delivery manager and project manager for a very large company that did server hosting. I don't think everyone needs the services a fully managed dedicated hosting facility can provide, in fact I think the economies of scale there can even hurt the little guy. However, most of the lessons learned and infrastructure architecture there can benefit about everyone. Hosting a site is expensive and complicated as a start up. Especially when you consider licensing, security, ISP, redundancy, performance and capacity, the "unexpected" and disaster recovery. There are some great places out there to host your site for a relatively small amount of money. Before you go into the "hosting" business yourself, I'd be careful to think of the entire scope of your project; managed dedicated hosting is often the way to go.


Scott Kameron