Man with or without a beard?


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I just love the look of a man with a beard, I think it makes them look distinguished and more handsome. :D Obviously not any beard, I don't like french beards or anything that looks stylish - like trying to make a statement. But an overall beard that covers the whole area where beard hair grows. It has to be trimmed and "groomed" so it will look neat, otherwise it's just not the same.

Ladies - What is your opinions about men with beards?
Men - Do you like having them (if you have one)? and what do you think of other men's look with one.


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I always have stuble.
I would not call it a beard; only on occassions will I let it get long enough to be considered a beard.

I dislike shaving with a razor and prefer to just trim it short every 4 or 5 days, I use my old hair clippers without any attachments (grade0 we call it here).

I have long hair; consequently, if I use a razor I feel like a girl(dont know why); when I grow a beard, I get what is considered the hippy Jesus look(I dont like that); and if the beard gets to long or I sculpt it I resemble a big bad viking/biker and I scare all the little children and intimidates all the old ladies, a look which has its advantages but is not in my character. Stubble wins for me!

If a girlfriend asked me to shave or I had an important event (job interview, wedding etc.) I would have no problem in shaving, its a small sacrifice to make.
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Is this inspired by Echoes? :lol:

I haven't been out with a bearded man but it's more a coincidence than a choice. They do tickle each time I have to do our customary bises (kisses on alternating cheeks) to someone with beard or moustache. Other than that I have no opinion on whether it affects handsomeness. Meaning, a guy for me is either handsome or not (beard or no beard has little to do with it).


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This guy would have your eye out if you tried to bises/kiss him!

PS:Whats a french beard?
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I havent tried growing a beard :lol: I like my face like I like my girlfriend...bald :cute:


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I'm sure everybody here knows I have a beard. Not only can I not stand shaving, but I think I look better with it. I've trimmed it up a bit since the pictures I posted. Looks a little cleaner now.