Man with horns tries to kill Landlady


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I was actually more interested in seeing a picture of these horns than I was about the news story. Is that bad?

I am also disappointed that this story did not include a picture.


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I was intrigued enough to look up horns on people one day.

Don't do it.
It freaked me out.

This guy must have had a lot of money to get all the procedures done that the article said he would have required...
I remember seeing somebody with implanted spikes on his head. His spikes were removable (screw), though, so he could sleep comfortably without poking his wife or injuring himself.

I always wondered what would happen if these people with body modifications went to jail. Do they put them in isolation until they get out, 'cuz some of these mods can't be removed.


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I was really, really hoping for a picture.

It's just your average random murder without pics!


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I will never understand the horns deal.. The ones just under the skin or the ones like Vilky mentioned.. I mean, I have tattoos, I have piercings, but that is just something I could never do.

I always see these people and think "wow, they would look decent if they didn't have the horns or what not."