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Man to live on beer alone for Lent


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Man to live on beer alone for Lent - thestar.com

This is rather interesting. This gentleman is going to live off beer for lent, and nothing else. I don't know if I could ever do something like this.

I'm also curious to know what is worst, this or Super Size Me.



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I've known people who lived off beer alone: they're called alcoholics.


aka ginger warlock
I am not sure of the nutrional value of beer or if you can actually live off but I do feel sorry for his liver. The amount of beer he will need to consume just to quench his first cannot be good for you but hey, good luck to the guy.


I am the woolrus
I think it's a perfectly fine idea! He's merely replicating how monks used to live when they would fast years ago, and he's drinking the same type of beer. It's not like he's going out, getting loads of heineken and getting wasted all day.

It'll be tough for him to adjust to the new system, but it's an interesting project. It reminds me of the sort of projects when they build an old style boat and try and recreate legendary sea voyages, like St. Brendan to America. Only this time recreating the fasting methods of old christian monks. and while i'm not religious at all, i think it's nice to do this project for his own interests, while also paying homage to those old monks.


Haters gonna hate.
I find that to a little bit ridiculous that a man will live on beer alone for lent. It will mess up his body pretty badly, no matter how much he enjoys it.

The possible medicinal problems scare me about his health. I really don't think this is a good idea for him.


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Medieval peasants often lived on beer alone. The problem here isn't the calories, because beer can certainly sustain you (literally, it really is liquid bread) but rather the lack of essential nutrients. At least the Super Size Me guy ate other things off the menu that would would give him a broader variety of proteins and vitamins, like salads and yoghurt and the like. Even medieval peasants would often get wine to supplement once in a while, depending where they lived.

I didn't look, but if he's drinking a cloudy, unfiltered beer, (like the simple brews those monks made, for example) he'll be way better off. Brewer's yeast is an incredibly rich source of B vitamins and a few other nutrients. If he's drinking cheap megafiltered Budweiser, though, he's an idiot.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Are you jealous Babe that you didn't think of this first? :lol:

Seriously now, I know someone who did a "reverse lent" which, instead of giving up stuff like drinking, he went happy hour daily for 40 days and people were already worried for his liver - yet he eats normally, unlike this guy who is just drinking beer.

I wonder how long he can sustain it and how much it would affect his other responsibilities. He is after all, drinking alcohol on an empty stomach, no matter how spaced his "meals" are so as not to get "drunk".