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Man threatens neighbor with hand grenade over loud music.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Deputies in Orange County, Florida, arrested a man Friday night after he threatened a neighbor with a hand grenade.

Florida man threatens neighbor with hand grenade after loud music complaint | The Raw Story
I know loud music can be annoying if your not wanting to listen to it but to threaten your neighbor with a hand grenade or in any way isn't called for. Just call the police if they won't turn it down.

I've had to complain about loud music myself before when I lived in a apartment. All you could hear until the wee hours of the morning was boom boom boom and I got sick of it. So I asked them to keep it down and they did. If they hadn't of I wouldn't have asked them again I would have complained to management and called the police.

How would you deal with a neighbor playing music way too loud? Ever had to deal with it?


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Unfortunately, we have had this problem wherever we've lived. There always seems to be at least one group of neighbours who like to have excessively loud parties with the music going full pelt and everyone is getting absolutely plastered and hooning about the streets.

I politely asked one group of neighbours once if they could keep the noise down a little bit as a number of our other neighbours were just as annoyed about the constant hullabaloo as we were. I got verbal abuse, so I never tried that approach again. Now, we simply try to get through the night, or call the police if that's simply not doable. Unfortunately, there's very little that they can do except maybe confiscate a stereo system or two (which they never do).


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Lol! WWM for music. We dont have any neighbors that close and I sleep with headphones or earbuds and loud music anyway. =P
That dude lucked out cuz it coulda been another Michael Dunn only with live grenades. =O


aka ginger warlock
This guy needs to be locked up, seriously, if he is so f**ked up in the head it is appropriate to threaten someone with a grenade he needs to be put away if only for his own safety and others around him.
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