Man Successfully Predicts Lottery


Supreme System Lord
Psychic Derren Brown has just successfully predicted the National Lottery numbers live on British television.

The stunt, apparently a trick of the mind inwhich he has attempted throw the country with his amazing prediction, involved Brown correctly predicting all six main balls in tonights draw.

He will be revealing how he did so live on friday on channel 4.

Camelot, the company behind the national lottery commission are said to be on red alert after seeing Brown successfully predict the draw but the psychic stands by the fact that he did not break any rules in the process.

No doubt there will be youtube vidoes available soon for our viewing pleasure.


Sally Twit
He would have had someone telling him the numbers and then airing it a few seconds later or whatever. I saw something like this on Jonathan Creek once.


Supreme System Lord

He had his predictions next to the TV monitor throughout the coverage and allowed the viewers to keep an eye on his forcasts.

It was legitimate as I was flicking from one channel to the next to make sure it was in tandom.


Staff member
I wonder if he also predicted whether or not he will get in trouble for this "stunt?"

I also think he cheated somehow. Either that or he's the first human who can successfully predict very minute details about the future.


AKA Ass-Bandit
Okay, I get that Derren Brown does most of his tricks through human psychology and by reading how the bloody hell did he pull this shit off?
I watched it too, it was live alright. Didn't he say it took him a year to be able to do that? I dunno, he's a fast talker that one.


Endangered Species
Here is a youtube video of "the event" for those who have not seen it.

YouTube - Derren Brown The Event - Lottery Prediction

I think its a bit crap how he wont show the prediction until after the results, this suggests that it isnt a prediction at all! However Im still trying to work out how he does it. As its Derren Brown I cant believe it is any obvious camera trick or splitscreen mirror. One thing I am certain of is he gets good ratings on tomorrow nights show thats for sure.