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Man stung 1200 times by angry swarm of bees


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AN AMERICAN stung 1200 times by a swarm of bees as he mowed his lawn has amazed doctors and family with his survival.
Lamar LaCaze, 65, was riding his tractor when he was suddenly set upon by the bees near his home in San Marcos, 270 kilometres, west of Houston, Texas, last month.
"The bees ... just flashed up in my face," he told the San Marcos Daily Record. "I couldn't stand up. They just keep [sic] buzzing me."
Mr LaCaze got off his tractor and tried to call his wife, but was unable to reach her.

He was not rescued until his son, Trey, arrived home and, having found his father slumped over a fence, called emergency services.
"He was not moving. When I went to pull him out he looked up. His head was black, solid bees. It looked like a bee hive on his head," Trey LaCaze said.]Doctors pulled more than 1200 stingers out of Mr LacCaze's body, and also pulled whole bees from his ears, nose, mouth and throat.

Read more and video: Man suffers shocking injuries after being stung 1200 times by angry swarm of bees | News.com.au

That is just crazy, so lucky he survived, it would of hurt like hell!



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Oh wow, he looks really banged up in that photo. Poor guy, that must've hurt like hell. I hope he gets better soon. A senior taking 1200 bee stings to the face and surviving is miraculous.