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Man stabbed, beheaded on Manitoba bus

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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Beheaded man identified

I know this is pretty old news, but I just wanted to hear your thoughts on the story. It's very rare that something like this happens in Canada. So it's pretty big news.

I don't know how someone could ever do that to another human being. It's just awful.


Problematic Shitlord
It just makes you wonder what the fuck is wrong with people these days. All I want to know is why. Why would you just start carving a guy up? What's the motivation?


Band Nerd ♫
My mom told me about it like a week ago because she heard it on the radio.

Really, really, disturbing. I've also seen reports saying he acted like a "robot" and was very emotionless.

I'm very glad I wasn't on that bus. That would have been very scary and very disturbing.


Alfred :: Gotham Hero
thats insane. was the man a lunatic? it said he acted with no emotion. thats just plain creepy.
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