Man shot at home of Danish cartoonist

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  1. Bjarki

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    Are we winning the war on terror?
    I don't know, everyday again things like this make the news. Today it was not just this assassination attempt, but also another suicide rampage in Pakistan which killed at least 32 people.. :shake:

    On a slightly positive not: the suicide bombing was a retaliation against the local populace who had turned their backs on them (which is supposed to be happening more often lately throughout Pakistan). But meh.. it's going to be a nice 2010 :(
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  2. MAgnum9987

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    The so called war on terror is not collecting enough information. the CIA and major inteligence agencies are trying to destroy Al Queda's command, and are only looking for big time attacks, like another 9/11. Any information regarding small time bombings and happenings aren't worth the time: they may compromise agents that have worked hard to get into a position to get info on BIG bombings.

    Despite what many believe, the war on terror is really being done by the CIA, who, like I stated above, are more concerned with BIG bombings of our nations. With all honesty, bombings occuring on foreign soild are not considered a priority. Would you rather more agents be compromised for small time bombings, or would you rather they wait for when the big cahuna comes along on our own soil(s)?
  3. Bjarki

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    Foreign soil as in? I think Pakistan has one of the best intelligence services in the world.. it's not a monopoly of the CIA..

    The problem with most of the current attacks on western soil is that they are being conducted by loners, mostly without any help from the outside. That makes tracking them down a lot harder.
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    I wonder does this guy have the right to own a gun? To me it seems ridiculous to have a "security room" where you have to lock yourself up until help arrives.

    Had it been me the police would have been called to clean up the mess and fill out their reports.
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