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Man Shoots Teen For Wearing Baggy Pants


I'm serious
Ok, that is a little insane, but I can't help but laugh thinking how the guy said to them "pull up yo pants young lads or I bust a cap in yo ass". And then actually busts a cap in his ass. :lol:
But seriously though, you get crazy people out there. Anger is a huge issue these days. It's scary to think a normal person could just snap like that at something that shouldn't bother him to begin with. What business is it of him?


It's not me, it's you.


Registered Member
hahaha. thats great.
i live in memphis and didnt hear about that, but i also dont watch local news because theres too much of that. it doesnt surprise me though just the other day there was a someone shooting at a car outside my house and the sad part is its so common i was just hoping it wasnt the pizza guy. but at least uncle phil was trying to teach the kid a lesson it does get old looking at these kids asses.


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ROFLMFAO! :lol: The arse inspector! That other dude musta passed inspection since he didn't get shot, LOL! If I ever live in Memphis I'll buy cowboy-cut jeans for my dog. His arse always shows! :lol: Serious, though, I'm glad shootings aren't common where we live! :-o But there's def more arse showing on the beaches than ever on the streets.