Man sells 14yo daughter for cash, beer, meat


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A man in California has been arrested for arranging to sell his 14-year-old daughter for $US16,000, 100 slabs of beer and several cases of meat, police said overnight.
Authorities in the rural farming community of Greenfield, 225 kilometres south-east of San Francisco, said the 36-year-old Hispanic man sold the child to an 18-year-old man who was to marry her.
The case came to light after the father complained to police that his daughter's prospective husband had failed to pay him under the terms of their deal, which was brokered by a third party.
The man has been arrested on human trafficking charges while the 18-year-old has been booked for statutory rape.
The child has been returned to the family.
Greenfield Police Department said in a statement there had been several cases where children had been sold or offered for sale, including one incident involving a 12-year-old.
"While each case is unique, the issues of arranged marriages involving minor females or the selling of minor females to older males have become a local problem," the statement said.
Source: Man sells 14yo daughter for cash, beer, meat - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

What the hell? lol


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Is it like a case of beer? I've heard of slabs of things, like meat and such, but not beer.


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What a stupid motherfucker, he went to the police to complain about the other guy not holding up his end of the deal? :lol:

Anyway, other parents may not sell their children in that fashion but I think there are more out there who are guilty of "selling" one way or another. Like making money using their kids...