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Man nearly killed as eel swims in bottom


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A Chinese fishmonger almost died after an eel swam into his bottom.
Li Chang was sitting on the edge of a tank at a warehouse in Guangzhou in southern China when he fell back into a container of live eels, The Sun newspaper reports.
The 43-year-old said he was horrified when he felt one swim up his trousers and into his anus.
He said he was too embarrassed to tell anyone what had happened and continued working.
But colleagues called emergency services after he collapsed.
Doctors performed a five hour surgery to remove the creature and repair the severe internal injuries caused by it moving around.
"The eel had badly injured the patient," a hospital spokesman was quoted as saying.
"If he had not arrived when he did he would have died.
"We expect he will make a full recovery though."
Man nearly killed as eel swims in bottom

I can't help but laugh at this, its pretty weird. I don't see why he didn't just tell them what happened instead of continuing to work, it had to be dealt with at some time lol.


It's not me, it's you.
I don't see why he couldn't have said...I don't feel well and think I need to go to the hospital. Surely he could have hushed it up that way and made up a story later? Wow.

I do not think that I would want to continue to work with an eel up my anus. That had to have been really uncomfortable.


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My question is how many times had he taken it in the ass to be loose enough for an eel to just swim up in there? Lol. Remind me to carry a personal enema kit when working around eels for now on.

I don't know who suffered more... The eel or the dude.

--Good thing it wasn't an electric eel.


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That is just insane. Like AK said though, I can't imagine why he didn't just say he was feeling really bad and needed to go to the hospital, or say that he hurt himself when he fell in and needed to go to the hospital.



I'm serious
Oh man, I lolled. Seriously, this guy would have only had himself to blame if it did reach Darwin Award stage. What an idiot. I am inclined to be with Scissors on this as well. How big was this eel to swim straight up this mans anus?


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ROFLMAO!!!!!! Maybe he didn't have any sick days left......

"he was horrified when he felt one swim up his trousers and into his anus."


Oh, poppycock.
I giggled pretty hard at this one. How big are you on your dignity when you're more worried about damaging that than telling people that a creature crawled up your anus? Did you just think you were going to shit it out later?


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How would you even walk normal with an eel in your butt?