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Man implants magnets to hold iPod on wrist


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If Magneto, the arch-nemesis of the X-Men, was a tattooed hipster, he might look a lot like this guy.

Dave Hurban, a Dynasty Tattoo artist from Newfield, N.J., surgically implanted four magnets into his wrist. Why? Basically, it's a cool (or at least unique) way to hold his iPod Nano in place without a pesky wristband.

You can check out a video of the process below, produced by Kaledioscope Kreative. But be warned—there will be blood. For more on Youth, the band featured in the video, check out their official site.
Man implants magnets to keep iPod at the ready.flv - YouTube

I don't know, I think it's kind of stupid. Sure, it's convenient, but that would get extremely bothersome after a while.


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Unfortunately, this will probably become the next big thing with people who are into body modifications. I don't think it's stupid, really. But it's not something I would do. I have had a dermal piercing on the eye of my bat on my left upper-arm and it got ripped out when I leaned on a brick wall. It wasn't pleasant.

I can see some idiot in the near future getting magnets put on his chest to hold an Iron Man thing, cutting holes in all of his clothing and dubbing himself Iron Man.


Honestly I think it's kind of cool. This is the future of humanity, not quite in this exact style, but humans and technology becoming one might not be as far off as people think. We already have technology with us always, in our hands, in our bags, in our pockets. It's never far away. The next natural step after that is having it become a part of us.


Free Spirit
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This is funny but I doubt it's any more dangerous than getting all that ink. I wouldn't do it myself but if that's what he want to do. People are getting all kinds of things implanted so this really doesn't surprise me. Hope he doesn't have any problems with it, like scaring, as sometime happens with implants or surgery of any kind.


A Darker Knight
I thought it was pretty cool too. It makes him look like a robot on his wrist.

But I wonder how strong those magnets are though. They can start messing with other electronics like phones and stuff he's near. And he's gotta be careful not to get them caught in things.


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I don't know how to feel about this. For me, getting something implanted was always questionable. I mean, if it's something like a prosthesis or something that you need to continue living normally, then sure, yeah. But if it's something as useless as with this guy, then I really don't see how this is helpful - it's just another thing to attract attention.


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That's actually really cool but I don't see the point in people doing it :/
The magnets would have to be really strong and would proberly end up messing with the iPod.


It probably has flash memory so the magnets probably won't hurt it.

What I'm wondering is will the form factor for that particular iPod stay the same or will he have to change the implants for every revision?

I remember a few years ago there was a story about a guy who lost his finger and then replaced it with a USB device.

I've always thought stuff like this was cool. Being technology.


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That's pretty cool but if he tells you that didn't hurt, he is lying. As if that wouldn't hurt? Are you serious? It's awesome though, I wouldn't get it myself because I've got something called pockets.


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I feel like the magnets can't be that strong. One sudden jolt and the iPod will probably fall off...