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Man, I wish ______ was still around.


For a Free Scotland
Post nostalgia about members you wish we still had around.

Man, I wish Ant On A Log was still around.


Registered Member
I wish that Mare Tranquility was still active. She brought a unique perspective to our discussions on sexuality, as well as other sensitive topics.



Likes snow
Barfootboards for me. I liked him a lot


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I wish Scott Mcgrady was still here because he was a great poster in the basketball section, always started new threads, and replied to a lot of threads in the basketball section.

Side Note: Please explain why you wish that member was still here, don't just post a username.


No Custom Title Exists
Man, I wish InTheNet was still around.

Because I could laugh my ass off to his "Jesus" stories.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Man, I was Mysticangel was still around.

I use to love looking at Mystic's artwork and posts because they were always a refresher from our time of sports sigs all the time. But Mystic just disappeared after the site restarted again, that was a wonderful member lost.


A Darker Knight
I wish lilbballfrk was still here. She was one of the few original ladies on this site. She was a pretty energetic poster too.


blue 3
Oh man, there are so many, but I think I'd have to go with mystic angel. I agree with Kyo totally, mystic was an awesome poster.


rainbow 11!
I wish Mystic and Mare were still around. x.x; I loved reading Mare's discussions in MD and Mystic was pretty cool.


I wish SenatorB was still posting and modding. He was always cool and was always a staple member. I still see him around some but not really much of anything...