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Man Has Sex With Corpse


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Man guilty of having sex with corpse in a morgue .

Sunday, 19 September 2010 22:18 .BRIDGETOWN, Barbados--

Peter Orlando Agard is today a man of history.

He has the dubious distinction of becoming the first person to be convicted in Barbados for having sexual intercourse with a corpse.

Agard was Friday found guilty in two hours of the Common Law offence.

There is no prescribed penalty, so sentencing is at large and will be done later in the Sessions by Justice Maureen Crane-Scott.

Until then, Agard remains on bail, but today, Monday, the former Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) employee must find his way to the Probation Department for one of three reports ordered by the court.

He will also be the subject of psychological and psychiatric reports.

The trial of Agard, a former QEH porter, of Near Mangrove Land, St Philip, led off the new Sessions of Criminal Sittings in the No. 5 Supreme Court last week Monday.

He was arraigned that on December 14, 2007, he committed an act of a lewd, obscene and disgusting nature and outraged public decency by having sexual intercourse with the body of Donna Brathwaite.

The case, the first of its kind in Barbados, saw 11 witnesses taking the stand, including hospital orderly Mark Griffith, who said he had gone into the morgue to deposit two severed limbs in a freezer, when on pulling open one door that was already slightly ajar, he saw a sight that put fear in his heart.

"The first thing I saw was one of the dead bodies exposed from the way they usually bring them down from the ward," he told the court.

Sight made him run.

"I saw another object in there with her. It was a human object. I saw an individual on top of the dead," Griffith said.

The sight, he testified, was enough to make him run.

When police interviewed Agard he told them, in a written statement that he was accustomed to "dealing" with the "deads".

When asked to explain "dealing with", he told police: "Sexing the dead women, nuh.".

He told police his actions were as a result of too much brandy and a failure to ejaculate after having sex with two different women.

But, in his defence from the dock, Agard categorically denied having sex with the body of Donna Brathwaite.

Agard was represented by Douglas Trotman, while Principal Crown Counsel Alliston Seale prosecuted.

Agard had no last words for the court.

His attorney asked that Agard be allowed to remain on bail pending the completion of the reports.

"He has been on bail since 2007," Trotman said.

Prosecutor Seale did not object and the judge consented to the request.
Thanks Echoes....sorry......I'm learning *sigh*
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lol, necrophilia.

No but really, there are many things I don't care about when it comes to sex but screwing the dead is not one of them.


While I do fault the guy, I don't fault him 100%. People do have these freaky thoughts and only certain things can "get them off". So, I don't fault him for having that... um, fetish? I do fault him for actually going out and doing it. It's one thing to have the thoughts, it's another to actually go out and do it.

My advice would be, "Dude, we all have our kinks and things we're into, however yours is screwing with a dead corpse. You need to take a step back and go to your second fetish(?)." Let's just hope his second choice isn't pedophilia. O_O;


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That is pretty fucking awful. I cannot imagine sexing the deads. Gross.

Yes it is...no doubt somebody will claiming insanity...he has to be a mental case *shudders*


Given that he used to suffer psychologically and psychiatrically then I'm not surprised.


It's not me, it's you.
You guys are being too harsh on this guy. It's not like he raped someone. I bet they would have let him have sex with their dead body if he had asked.

How do you think zombies do it?