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Man grounded after refusing 'naked' body scan


Ms. Malone
According to this article, a Doctor from my local Hospital refused the scan, at Manchester Airport, because of issues he had with the radiation; instead of being offered the alternative pat down, he was escorted off the premises.

Huddersfield Royal Infirmary consultant grounded after refusing “naked” body scan at Manchester Airport: What do you think? - Local West Yorkshire News - News - Huddersfield Examiner

Tony Aguirre – a consultant eye specialist at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary – declined to go through the full-body scanner on both medical and ethical grounds.

But instead of being offered a ‘pat down’ search as an alternative, the father-of-two was escorted out of the airport by police and not allowed to board his flight to Zurich.

It is now mandatory for passengers to go through the full body scanners before boarding their flights at Manchester, Gatwick and Heathrow airports – staff there have been told that anyone who refuses should be grounded.

The X-ray device scans through a person’s clothes creating an image of a person’s naked body in order to look for hidden objects potentially hidden on their person.

Mr Aguirre told the Examiner he felt as if he was treated like a criminal just because he was not prepared to accept a “radiation assault” that is potentially dangerous to his health and undignified because it exposes his nude body.

The Fartown man said: “X-rays are known to cause cancer and I think somebody will get cancer from this body scanner whether it’s me or someone else.

“It is well known that X-rays can cause cancer. It can cause mutations in the genes in the spermatogenetic cells, as in most other cells.”

Recent studies have suggested that the ‘backscatter X-rays’ used at Manchester airport could produce 20 times as much radiation than first thought.
I don't think it's fair. He should have been allowed the alternative instead of being thrown out; his wife had to book him a flight at Liverpool where they don't have them and Manchester didn't refund his ticket.