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Man gets death threats for hosting refugee kids


Free Spirit
Staff member
A California business owner has been getting death threats ever since he took in a family of refugees because the city of Murrieta was refusing to help them.

Calif. man gets death threats for hosting refugee kids: ‘They’re going to kill my family’
People shouldn't be threatening to kill this man because he is taking in illegals especially kids. That is just wrong and I don't condone such behavior. The man is not doing this illegally.

However I take exception to him telling his son people are mad because they are brown. I'm sure there are a few that this is the reason but its because they are coming here illegally by the millions, it didn't just start with these kids, and our government doesn't do much to protect the border. People want them sent back immediately instead of sending them all over the country costing us billions.

Mr. Lane we give citizenship to people from all over the world from different backgrounds and races but they go about it legally. So you see it has nothing to do with skin color but being invaded and a feeling of helplessness to stop it ourselves and a government that doesn't do much about it but fight among the parties.



Registered Member
I think most people from central and south America have skin tones that people pay tons of money for in tanning salons. But I wouldnt call it brown - just tanned.
And I dont think very many Americans object to Latinos - unless they cross the border illegally to sell drugs and totally ignore immigration laws. Most Latinos Ive met are really cool Just saying.

So if that dude wants to help kids that dont have a home then yeah thats definitely cool. It just needs to be legal and nobody should be handing out death threats. Thats just totally lame.