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Man Fired After Using Potato Chip Bag to Skip Work and Play Golf Instead


Secret Agent
Staff member
I'm not sure which is worse, that he actually pulled this off, or that his employer took two years to catch him. His job just have been cake. He placed his work PDA into a potato chip bag (which prevented the GPS from working and showing his employer where he was) and went golfing 140 (yes, one hundred and forty) times over a two year period while on the clock.

Man who used potato chip bag to skip work for years has been fired

He was an electrician who traveled to locations for work, and apparently, he didn't have nearly enough jobs on his plate...


Registered Member
My dad worked for a company out in Colorado and one of the programmers he nick-named "the guy who is never here" - everyone figured he worked a different shift. His jacket would be there, then gone, an umbrella, remains of lunch, etc.

It took them two months to realize he only came in at night, moved things around and wasn't actually working. He took a different job but collected a pay check for over two months by pretending to be there.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I wonder who turned him in, a coworker that got fed up with him skipping out or someone that was tired of playing golf with him.


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This is hilarious and also a great idea! What a creative way to skip work! Unfortunately I talk to much for any of this to work for me. I think that everyone would notice if I wasn't hear chatting away!