Man Finds $250K Lottery Ticket In Jacket


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Sometimes I wonder if many of these stories are true. A man discovered he had a winning lottery ticket in his jacket a month and a half after he last wore the jacket. He was checking his ticket and realized that it was a winning ticket.

Man Finds $250K Lottery Ticket In Jacket - Baltimore News Story - WBAL Baltimore

When I buy lottery tickets, I always check it the following day. If I win the lottery, I think I will come out with an elaborate story "Yeah, I took my dog out for a walk one day and was picking up his no. 2 when I noticed that there was a paper in it. I thought it was a receipt or something so I took it home and rinsed it off and it was a lottery ticket. Before I was about to throw it away, I checked the numbers and realized it was a winner!"
I can believe the story. I think I've bought lottery tickets maybe 5 times my whole life, and each time I've forgotten about them until I happen to come across them again.


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Whenever I get lottery tickets, I always check them the day after right away. I can't forget about them because most of the time that's all I'm thinking about.


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I've never bought lottery tickets so I don't know if I'd forget about them, but I do like your story if you were to ever win.
As a person who's sold thousands of lottery tickets, this story certainly sounds credible to me. In Washington state, our lottery tickets expire 90 days after the draw has occurred. I've had a number of people bring in tickets that were long since expired because they forgot about them.