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Man executes two teenagers breaking into his home


Problematic Shitlord

LITTLE FALLS, Minn. — A Minnesota homeowner who shot two teenagers in the midst of an apparent Thanksgiving Day break-in told authorities he feared they had a weapon, but acknowledged firing "more shots than I needed to" and appeared to take pride in "a good clean finishing shot" for one teen, according to investigators.

Byron David Smith, 64, was charged Monday with two counts of second-degree murder in a criminal complaint that was chilling for the clinical way investigators said he described the shootings.
Grade A psychopath. Okay, so he's in his basement, hears a window break and opens fire immediately as he sees someone. I'm not going to pretend I like this, but I do believe in being able to defend your home. But the killing shots to the chest after you've already crippled them? Then another begins to walk down the stairs and instead of at least trying to make a threat, you just open fire again? Then you place the gun to the chin and blow her brains out? THEN you wait days to report it because you didn't want to bother the police on a holiday?

Such a sick disregard for human life is astounding and I hope I never understand it.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I think it's one thing to have a gun in your home for protection and another when you get a scary excitement when talking about what you'd do to an intruder...like they can't wait for it to happen. I've heard from gun owners that are like me and it just freaks me out. Clearly this was one of those men. They weren't a threat after he disabled them, and they really were unarmed kids even though they were in the wrong.

And he waited a day to report the deaths? That's messed up.

I'm with Merc, I hope I never come anywhere close to having that kind of disregard for life whether that person is wronging me or not.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I think what he did was so wrong, once he shot them and it was clear they weren't a threat he should of stopped and called the police. You don't just execute someone then wait until the next day to call the cops.

If you break into someone's house you might get shot. You don't know if the intruders are there for your TV or your life, so many intruders are armed. One woman that knew them said he could of just told them to stop but how are you suppose to know that. Best thing to do is not be breaking into peoples homes. They said Kifer had stolen prescription drugs before so this was probably something they did on a regular basis to support their drug habit.


Son of Liberty
While what this guy did was wrong you know what I am tired of? I'm tired of so many in this society who have no respect for other people's property and they think it's fun and cool to break into the home of someone else, violate their privacy and take things that do not belong to them. This never would have happened if these intruders would have shown enough respect for other people's property and wouldn't have broken into someone else's home. I'm not saying this isn't what they deserved, what I am saying is sometimes when you go looking for trouble you get more than you bargained for.