Man escapes prison in cardboard box

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  1. Nevyrmoore

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    This bit of news has French officials shitting themselves - 45-year-old Jean-Pierre Treiber, a double-murder suspect and one of France's highest-profile prisoners, seems to have taken a page out of Solid Snake's book. Deciding he didn't quite like the high-security prison he was in, he managed to pack himself into a cardboard box he constructed in the Auxerre, Burgundy prison workshop.

    The box was then loaded onto a truck, drove off to its destination in the Yonne region, and about halfway through the 100-mile journey, he cut himself free and jumped off. The first anyone noticed was when the driver arrived and noticed the hole Jean-Pierre had made in the tarp covering the boxes.

    His current location is unknown, but he may have been last spotted battling a nuclear-equipped walking battle tank somewhere in the Middle East.

    Source: Kotaku

  2. Iris

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    That is insane. I can't believe no one noticed a random box lol Wouldn't someone open it?
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  3. Nevyrmoore

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    I believe the boxes were part of a delivery, either carrying goods or to be taken to a place when they will place goods inside them. So all that was needed was to pack yourself into the box, get onto the shipment of boxes somehow, and away you go.
  4. Iris

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    How did he close the box on himself?
  5. Chaos

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    I have to take my hat off to the guy for ingenuity, I guess. But that's what happens when you have people sitting in a room all day - they think of ways to beat the system. :dunno:
  6. Nevyrmoore

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    That, only he can answer. And I doubt he wants to have the chance to answer that any time soon.
  7. Wade8813

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    There are probably lots of ways, since he constructed the box. I would have just attached rope handles to the inside, and had a layer of tape across one of the flaps, so it would at least appear taped.
  8. ysabel

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    An hour before that, someone escaped in another jail in the same region. Must be a big bordel over there now. Treiber took advantage of some weakness in the system (he seems to have studied and planned this a long time). There are also talks that someone helped him get away (and why not helped him get inside that atelier box destined to be loaded in a delivery van.
  9. viLky

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    As soon as I read the topic title I thought of Solid Snake. LMAO! Good memories, good times...

    While I hope they catch him, I do like this whole James Bond-like story. It seems very interesting and like this character is a "boss battle" waiting to happen.
  10. TheMaster

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    Well it must of been a difficult way to get back out once sealed because apparently he carved the box to release himself.

    Lucky bastard :lol:

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