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"Man Down" vs "Rude Boy" - Which is Worse for Kids?


I am the woolrus
Rihanna's recent video has stirred up a lot of controversy. In the video, Rihanna shoots a man dead at the start. We later find out that this man had raped her, which led to the shooting. The shooting scene does feature some slight blood, but it's not very graphic, and the rape scene is very implied rather than being visual, so i think most of the controversy seems to be concerned with the subject issue. Here's the video for anyone who hasn't seen it:

YouTube - ‪Rihanna - Man Down‬‏

Personally, i respect this song a lot more than anything else Rihanna has done (though in general i really can't stand her). She's singing about a serious subject matter, and there's an underlying message that violence leads to more violence. What's really left me staggered though is how the parent censorship groups, among others, have jumped all over it, calling it a bad influence for kids. This didn't happen with Rihanna's other song, Rude Boy, which rather than having somewhat of a moral message, and a certain sense of female empowerment within the song, treats women merely as sex objects, like so much of pop music with a young fan base these days. Just for comparison, this is the Rude Boy video:

YouTube - ‪Rihanna - Rude Boy‬‏

Which video would you rather your kids seeing? Do you think that censorship within music (and other art forms) has its priorities completely wrong?


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I get what you're saying but there are kidz that wouldn't. Someone could say it supports the idea that killing someone with a gun is better than calling the police. And if it was due to rape, then why not shoot and kill people for any sex related offense.
Actually, if I had kidz, I wouldn't want them watching either video. They both support things that I don't consider to be very civil.


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I personally think kids don't pay that much attention to the message in songs unless they can relate to it, i'm probably wrong. I think rude boy is worse I hate songs when sung by a woman perceive women as sex objects, really hate it, where's yourself respect? Man down, as much as i'd like to take the moral high ground i think it's justified if someone wrongs you like that you should have a right to exact revenge but be aware of the repercussions, i.e prison.


I don't think kid's would take too much inspiration from these songs. Generally these songs are just meant to bob your head to, nothing to think about later.