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Man Dies After 72-Hour Diablo 3 Gaming Session


Man Dies After 72-Hour Diablo 3 Gaming Session - Softpedia

It seems that stories like this are popping up everywhere now. People playing games for so long that they literally stand up and die.

It's always games like WoW etc. It's kind of ironic that what they are doing on screen is always highly active and physical, yet it's their lack of physical movement that usually ends up killing them.


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Wow... 72 hours? It's crazy what some people think they can live through. Your body isn't meant to sit in a chair for that amount of time. It's only a matter of time before video games are going to come with their own warning labels: "Warning: Extended play without food, drink, movement, or sleep can lead to serious injury or death."


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I'm pretty sure games already say that you need to take breaks every "X" amount of time in the manuals. Some even say it before the game starts.

I'm just going to wait for the idiots that try and ban video games to come out again and try and get them banned for "murder". It's not the games fault that someone is stupid enough to sit there and not move for 3-days.


aka ginger warlock
Ban it! For the love of God ban it! Think of the children! How could we be led into this trap without warning!!

Oh my god I am so sorry, I think The Daily Mail infected my brain for a minute there and tried to find anyone else to blame but the person themselves. I think you are right bob, I am sure in pretty much any manual of any game it does warn of this, I know in games like Gran Turismo and Forza it warns that the physics in the game are very different to real life and that if you don't buckle up in real life something bad my happen. I also notice in the story it mentions that the person had a underlying condition which may have contributed to this.

The problem with this is that people will once again jump all over the game and game culture in general because it is easier to give a game a bad name rather than saying "I am sorry for your loss but the fact is the person brought it on themseleves, its harsh but its true".


I haven't personally seen anyone trying to get games banned because of situations like this yet, but I guess there are some idiots who would blame the games and not the people. I've played some of the most addictive games there is, including WoW, but I only played when I wanted to play, and never got addicted to it.


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Seriously , I mean blame the game for killing the players ?? That's just wrong , The truth is It can't seems to add up , that there's people who would stays more than 24 hours on the monitor to play some game:confused: .

I mean , I'm a gamer too , I Addicted to games , for some game ," EX: Monster Hunter "I could Played That game to 17 hours long ...(yeah that's crazy:nod: . )And I got 10 or maybe 15 minutes Breaks every 1 hour But ..72 ??its more than 2 days ??? there must be something very wrong with those guys ...

But still the game has nothing to do with the death of those players ..:shake:


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Wow, that's insane! I mean, I had my share of crazy gaming, but my max was 48 hours and I had breaks every hour. I couldn't stand sitting in a room just playing games for 72 hours though. Even in my most hardcore gaming nights, it was always with friends, I was never alone.

I'm wondering how long it will take to hear protests against video games again. Well, Blizzard can't help it if the people playing their games are stupid enough to let things like that happen to them.


Free Spirit
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I don't see how you can blame the game. He's the one that sat there for 3 days playing and he was in his 30's so he was old enough to make his own decisions. Unfortunately he made a bad one, should of took breaks, went to bed.

I couldn't of sat in a chair that long in front of a computer playing a game.


rainbow 11!
Damn! I used to be addicted to Guild Wars, but even during a ten hour game session, I'd use the bathroom, make something to eat, stretch my legs. I couldn't just sit there for ten hours straight.


Haters gonna hate.
It was only a matter of time until this happened. The same thing has happened with Starcraft 2, Civilization V, Starcraft 1, and a few other games (probably WoW as well).

It's ridiculous. People should know better to take care of themselves, and not do this sort of stuff... but I guess we will never know why he did this.