Man Cuts off Own Hand


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I fell sick when I read this story. I guy saw the mark of the beast on his hand so he cut off his hand with a circular saw and cooked it in the microwave and then he called 911. The man has a history of mental illness and was taken to a mental facility for evaluation.

Man Sees 'Mark Of Beast,' Cuts Off Own Hand - News Story - WEWS Cleveland

I could never ever cut off my hand. It's bad enough I freak out when I get a paper cut.


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Oh man... wow... Yikes. I don't really know what to say except that he probably already regrets that.

That's crazy stuff.


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That might be the dumbest thing that I have ever heard of someone doing something to themselves. If I cut off my own hand I would never be able to forgive myself. I can't imagine that the guy is feeling good about his decision right now. Cutting off your own hand would be so incredibly painful.

I still cannot get over this...
I actually put it about 50:50 that the man is sane. :|

He could have taken better actions towards fixing the problem, but that's some dedication there.


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In other news, the Vatican today released a statement claiming that it has determined the mark of the beast to actually be the lack of a hand. More on this story as it develops.


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Oy . . . religion.

That guy is going to return home, realize he isn't married, then stare at his penis in sadness.


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if mommy woulda swallowed, he wouldnt have to deal with this.

seriously though, I dont think I could use a saw to cut off my own hand (let alone any body part) and microwave it and make a sane call to the police, this guys off his fuggin rocker


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And yet here we see another prime example how stupid someone can be, or why your should wear a rubber..If his daddy did there would be one less idiot in the gene pool.

God I hope he didn't mate and have kids...

This guy is the 2008 poster child for prophylactics.

What an idiot!


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I can't believe the bible would actually tell someone to cut off their own hand. :shake:

Is there supposed to be symbolic meaning there? Anyone? Anyone? :-/

Imagine if he got "the mark" on his forehead. Yikes.
I can't believe the bible would actually tell someone to cut off their own hand. :shake:

Is there supposed to be symbolic meaning there? Anyone? Anyone? :-/
Basically it's a line to say you should keep yourself from sinning. It is better to lose something you love that causes you to sin, than to be dragged into corruption because of it. The line before that one says if your eye causes you to sin, to get rid of that too. Basically the eye covers seeing it and having the desire to sin, and the hand is enacting that sin.

It basically says that to conquer your sin, sacrifice is needed but the sacrifice will save you. I doubt it's supposed to be taken literally, especially in this day and age.