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Man accused of soliciting wife's rape on Craigslist


Free Spirit
Staff member
(CBS/AP) TWIN FALLS, Idaho - An Idaho man is accused of encouraging men to rape his wife through a posting in the "casual encounters" section of Craigslist.

Idaho man accused of soliciting wife's rape via Craigslist
This woman had men showing up at her door trying to rape her. Her husband was posing as a woman on Craigslist saying he had a fantasy about being raped to entice someone to rape his wife. Another guy got 60 years for doing this to his former girlfriend. What do you think about someone that would do something like this? Why would you do this knowing what the penalty is if you get caught?
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A Darker Knight
wow. that's all sorts of messed up. It must have been extremely scary for the woman but also for the men who answered the ad as well. Someone could've gotten seriously injured since she had to use her gun to defend herself for a complete misunderstanding. Serious jail time sounds about right for the husband.