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Male or Female Singer?



I would have to say combination. Sometimes I am in the mood to listen to Train, Sister Hazel, Weezer and then other times Mandy Moore, Rihanna, and Aaliyah.


It depends on the song itself. If itinvolves love, then more times over it is the women who have better voices. its the way the pitch i, it really cennects with love songs

sweet melody

I think most definatly a girl because [i'm not saying this cuz i'm a girl] but because I think their voices are unique and someitmes it's different when their in a punk/alternative blah blah blah thing cuz it's cool... and ther'es already to many lead vocals that are guys so I'd say most def girls.


Registered Member
I prefer a male singer. Its not that i hate female singers. But the music i listen to (punk/rock/altern) female vocalists seem to...kinda dont mess well with the music.

Ill give my props to evanescence damn good vocalist. And also to R&B i think females are superb for genre even though i dont listen to it.


I liike all singer wether male or female or sing rap or rock i just love music. Music helps me when i'm mad or have a problem. it could be rap, rock, pop, or even county sometimes what ever i'm in the mood for.
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