Male or Female Instructors

What Gender of Teacher got through the best to you?

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Throughout my education I've had the opportunity to have a wide variety of teachers and instructors. Everything from Men to Women to Elderly to Young and every Ethnicity in between. But for the sake of this thread, I wanted to just point out that I always thought my best experiences as a student, all the way up through Elementary School through College... were all with Male Instructors.

In school, what gender of teachers did you most associate with?
I can think of a decent amount of both male and female. My three all time favourite teachers are: 2 females, 1 male. The worst teacher I ever had was female, but so was the best.

In my experiences, gender hasn't really made any difference whatsoever. I can't say I associated with one over the other.


Son of Liberty
Really? For me it was always clear cut. I enjoyed certain courses and in fact 2 of my all time favorite Teachers were female (my 2nd Grade Teacher and my High School Art Instructor)... but other than that I had a really rough time with any and all other female teachers.

In college its been a clear cut, Male Instructor = Me Doing good in Class. I dont know why it worked out that way but whenever I've had a Female instructor I tend to have struggled at keeping anything above a B in those courses.

My most memorable Classes were all taught by Males.


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I fall asleep listening to our two male lecturers as they only seem interested in reading out what is written in front of them. The female lecturers like to get people involved and try to discuss the topic rather than have us blindly learn it.


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Im my experiences, I've had some good male teachers and female teachers, but I always feel that I get on better with female teachers, as I feel I can approch them alot more.


it really depends on who's able to make the subject grow on you, even when you don't like that subject.
so, in this case it depends on their abilities. i can't choose.


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My favorite teachers in high school were all male. They were more laid back and I guess I could relate to them more. Liking the class makes a huge difference. If you hate the class it probably won't matter if the teacher is male or female, although I did like one of my male English teachers, and I HATE English classes.


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I went to an all girls school, and we used to give male teachers hell, so they never got around to much teaching. So, i'd say female teachers were better for me. Plus, my top two most hated teachers were male. One used to kick me out of every class for even walking into the class, and the other was just an asshole. And my top two favourite teachers were female. And really young. I could relate a lot better to them. My favourite teacher was also for my least favourite subject, so i'm not sure subject really effects it.


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As far as me learning? I don't think it mattered.

But for awesomeness? I think all of my male teachers were at least fairly cool, and most were great (it should be noted that one of my male teachers was pretty cool for the class I had him, his 'pet' class, but I've heard from many others he was pretty bad for other classes). I can't think of a single male teacher I disliked.

Female teachers were more evenly distributed. Some were great teachers (a couple I still stay in touch with), and some were absolutely horrible.