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Making the Playoffs


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I was thinking about this while I was driving home from work today. Is making the playoffs such a big deal? Now hear me out, in the end if you don't win the Championship then the season was lost even if you made it in.

Now I know that there's more chances of you winning the Championship if you make it in to the playoffs, but if you lose, then in the end your in the same position has a team that didn't make it. The only difference is that the team that didn't make has a better draft pick then you do.



needs practice
Making the Playoffs has huge benefits for the organization: legitimacy/recognition/marketing, lure of free agents, tons of revenue for playoff tickets/gear, etc.

I studied sports management and I learned about the industry--winning is everything, coaches and players don't ever go out there and try to fail at their job. They don't throw games--officials can and have altered outcomes of games--but the people who fight for their team are not trying to lose. Their jobs are on the line all the time and are trying to prove to the owner why they are worth whatever contract they signed.

Sometimes they do not perform up to what they are capable of and lack effort that is for certain...but actually throwing games? Contracts can be void for the slightest infraction (riding a motorcycle, playing pickup games with the public) so I am sure this does not happen in professional sports.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
For a young team I think just making the playoffs is a huge learning experience and will benefit them in years to come. Other than that, like Zen said, it brings in revenue and helps attract free agents, etc.


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I think it depends on the league. Looking at the US big 4, clearly baseball has the most stringent guidelines for making the playoffs with onlu 8 f 30 teams making it. Any team that makes the MLB playoffs has had a successful season.

NBA and NHL let over half the league into the playoffs. I feel letting too many teams into the postseason helps make the playoffs less meaningful. Both NHL and NBA playoffs seem to never end.

While MLB is critisized for not having enough teams, and the NBA/NHL have too many, the NFL has a good median. With it being a single game elimination, you easily have bye weeks and a fast paced system, instead of the crawling series that you get in the others.

If you really want to know if a playoff system is needed, look at the cluster f*** that is the Bowl system.