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Making memories!


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On another thread I posted something I once didwith my girls, and it seemed to get a good response; so with that in mind, I thought it would be fun if all us moms and dads could post some fun out creative memories that you have made with your kids, or some you remember from your childhood!
This came up because of something I am doing for my girls next weekend. I made a personal invitation for my 3 girls to join me for a special dinner next weekend, I let them know, this will be a formal affair and to wear their very best! I am not taking them anywhere, instead I plan on setting up a fancy little Bistro area in the basement. I haven't decided on the menu yet, but I know I will be breaking out the champagne flutes and filling them with soda! I love doing things like this with ny girls mainly because I feel guilty for being so busy all of the time!
Here is what was posted in the other thread..........

A year ago when my husband was out of town, I took my girls camping, in my living room. I strung a tent up from the ceiling and put glow in the dark stars on it. I bought a CD of nature sounds, bought a kiddie fishing set and we went fishing in the bathtub. I bought flashlights for all of us and we sat around telling ghost stories while the thunder crackled from the CD in the background...let me tell you, my kids thought that was pretty wild and crazy, and they still talk about it!

The great thing about kids is, they appreciate the simple things. I love doing stuff like this with them. They are thrilled to find that mom cut there PB&J sandwich into a heart shape or stuck that little note in their lunch bag. Heres another fun thing I did...two years ago my husband and I had a workshop scheduled in Pickney (about an hour from my house) unfortunatley it was on the weekend of my daughters 8th birthday. I spent the day before we had to leave writing up a bunch of rhyming clues for a scavenger hunt. There were 8 clues and each one indicated where a present would be found. My MIL was there with her and she said that it took her about half hour to find them all; but the best thing was that it helped to alleviate some of my guilt for not being there on her birthday.
All 3 of my girls have been begging me to do this again, but I had to wait so it would be more of a surprise, I think this will be the year to do it! I would suggest this to all you parents, and if you need help, let me know. I guarantee it's something they will always remember!

Okay parents, share your memories please!


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I only hope that I am helping make some real good memories for my daughter hehe when she was two we made a beach in our backyard next to the pool. We brought in 2 yards of sand and spread it out all around the pool. I bought sea shells at wal-mart and put them all in the sand and we went seashell hunting. there was alot of sand in the pool but it wad definitely worth it!! and that was the last big thing we did before my husband passed away. She won't really remember that but we have lots of pictures of it, and everyone still talks about that! Then when she was 4 for her birthday my brother, two brother in laws and a nepher dressed up just like the wiggles and put on a concert for her in our backyard! LOL they said they would never do that for anyone else. I wonder what the neighbors though. That was a blast and a half and she definitely talks about that all the time. She still asks me when the wiggles are going to come back to see her. hehehe We also had captain feathersword take the kids on a treasure hunt. This year I don't know what I am going to do for her birthday.

But other memories that I hope she is enjoying is sometimes when we are just bored and don't have enough gas to go anywhere we pretend that we are people from a foreign country that we make up a name for and walk through our house like we have never seen it before. We look at all the family pictures and try to figure out what the family is like and make up names for simple every day object and animals, one of the funniest is she called a dog a flitter one LOL.. My daughter cracks me up with all the names she can come up with for a coaster. Also she has a pink castle that stays in the living room all the time. Sometimes we get in there and pretend the castle is being attacked.

We have camped in the backyard though but not fished in the bathtub. that's a good idea LOL


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OH you guys make me feel like a bad parent! LOL I dont really have that great of an imagination. I had my nieces over (paxton LOVES it when they come over) and we rode the four wheeler all day long out back and out a good ways from the house is a big oak tree, so we went in the house and I had them help me gather up blankets and we packed a picnic lunch, they made pb&j's and put chips in bags and loaded down the small cooler with ice and cokes and I made two trips taking all of them down to the tree and we had a picnic lunch. They LOVED it......and it was simple. Paxton loves it when I play monster with him, we do that alot in the evenings after I get home from work. Kayla........sheesh teenager........she has no time for mommy anymore........but we do have good talk sessions. When she was smaller though she loved to play dress up and we'd do that alot, I'd let her cake the make up on me and fix my hair!!


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Jenn, I can picture all the fun the kids had on your impromptu picnic. Kids remember the simple things.....
....and Bunny, I may have to borrow the foreign idea...HOW FUN!! Maybe I'll put the names of different countries in a jar and whichever they choose, that's how they have to act!