Making Dreams a Reality


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How close to your dream are you? By that I mean in your everyday life are you where you wish to be?

Does your job just pay the bills or is it what you set out to do? what about your house; is it where you wish to live or is it al that is available? how about family; did the happy marriage with 2.4 children turn out to be another divorce and custody every other weekend?? what about those pipe dreams of emigrating to another country or the lifelong ambitions of visiting the pyramids?

Some things are just fate but others we make happen, we may all be content with where we are but is it where we want to be!

For those that dont know I was given the opportunity to make a career change a few years ago, I was lucky enough to be given a 2nd chance of making the dream a reality and Ive just realised Im almost there.... and then its onto the next stage of the great game of life to try and tick the next box on the check list. Do you feel you are ticking off boxes as you go?
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For me, it seems as though mine are constantly changing. What seemed incredibly important to me yesterday is less so today.
I always thought selling my art would be a dream come true. I've sold it (not for any huge dollar amounts) and I didn't get the expected satisfaction.
Sometimes I wonder if the dream is actually better than the reality of achieving it?


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I don't know how close I am, actually; I won't know until I find out whether I got into the nursing program I applied to. I'm either within a year and a half, or three years away.


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Sometimes I wonder if the dream is actually better than the reality of achieving it?
Thats very true. The chase is often tastier than the quarry, but then whats more disapppointing reaching your goal or never trying to reach it. We only live once and I dread that when Im old I miss the one opportunity I had.

I know an old couple who sadly she just died but they had been married 60 years, I was in a way envious as unless I live to be incredibly old thats something I will never be able to achieve and although I dont regret breaking up with my childhood sweetheart the consequence of it would be missing out on something like a 60th wedding aniversary. We seem to live life with a lot of if only's or why didn't I's, its occasionaly nice to turn them into I did's even if they dont turn out as we imagine.


You better reach your dream and get disappointed than never have reached it at all ... and regret for not trying.
I have't reached my dream yet, which is to sing professionally. I know i'll feel more satisfied once i achieve it despite of the result.
I'm not where I want to be yet.
I can say I've tried the taste of my dream ... but haven't lived it fully.


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I'm about as far as I can possibly be from achieving what I want. :hah: Nothing in my life is going right. I'm unemployed and poor, I occupy a small room in a small house, I can't afford a car or insurance so I have to walk everywhere which limits the range of my job searching. There's someone I care about deeply who doesn't return the feelings and wants almost no part of me, my family aren't supportive, I don't have any friends, I don't have anything left to strive for. :hah: I'm floating along, just existing. I don't even have a dream anymore.

I guess I just have to find a new dream, since nothing else is going to pan out in my favour. Maybe something about my writing. Getting published, maybe. Who knows. :dunno: I'll figure something out.


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Not really close. :/ I have a job that barely gives me gas money. A job that just causes drama..... I live in a home where i'm constantly on egg shells.

Thankfully, I am in school. Which while it is only a baby step to my dream, at least it is something.
How close to your dream are you? By that I mean in your everyday life are you where you wish to be?
Definitely in the right place! And thankful for it, too. :nod:

I know what I want to do, but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to achieve it. Still very much so on the right track, but I know I'll hit a point where it becomes too hard and I'll settle for something less, or other things will distract me from that path. And I'm perfectly fine with that, it's what you get for aiming high I guess. Who knows?

Anyway, yes, I am where I want to be right now.


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My job just pays the bills. I hate it there. I've been there for more than five years and I'm ready to move on. It was only a temporary thing to start with as I had no money and didn't know what I wanted at the time. I thought about being a counsellor when I was in school but I never applied for college or anything like that. I got lazy after school finished. I'm hoping to find a college where I can go to night school and still work full time to pay the bills.
I live in a flat and again this is not my dream flat. My boyfriend and I want a house with a garden and a dog. It's what we dream of. One day we'll get what we want I'm sure.


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I don't know that I ever really had any dreams.

I am fairly happy with my life though. Some things could be better, but I'm grateful for what I do have.